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Recently I started work for a new company as Intern, There I learned how there a lot of manual tasks done by marketing Team to generate SEO specific content and to get feedback from the users and to clear their users doubts and heir suggestions to roadmap discussions, so the company can Incorporate them to the roadmap which developers will work on.

Technically to do all of this we cannot start from scratch because these are not items we are interested in selling, so we need to look into existing platforms and see if we can use them to generate content for our users. Here are few platforms that I have learned and saw useful for particular purpose, and I am going to use them in the future.

Customer Support

During My time with company I have seen that customers doesn’t want to call the executive directly to get help, rather they prefer a quick and easy way to chat with the executive and get the help they need. During this time I have seen two such platforms that my company looked into and used them to tackle this problem

  1. HubSpot
  2. Zendesk

Note that I am talking these two in terms of customer support only apart from big companies which end up costing much more to a small company apart from that HubSpot and Zendesk offers a Complete CRM in competition to other CRMs like Salesforce and Zoho.

Promotional Automations

When ever we have a new product or service we need to make sure that it is available to the users and that they are able to use it. This is where we need to send promotional emails and post in all types of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. For this case our company prefers Zapier which I am currently using to send a tweet when ever I publish a new article in this blog post as I am not much interested towards newsletter stuff may be comment out to tell whether you prefer RSS feed or newsletter and tell why ??

Marketing Automations

During my time I have not closely integrated with marketing team, but I often heard few platforms that marketing teams discussing for generating leads and cold calling like Lemlist and to see if any campaign is success or not by using profit well or radix platform.

HR Automations

It is often tedious task for hr to actually open every resume to pick up their mail I’d’s and then send them to the right person to interview and set them up with right team and managing leaves and so on here we have seen some platforms like great HR where HR management is much easier and we are looking into some no code platforms like Candidate zip to ease and automate HR tasks like this.

Hope you like this article feel free to share many more platforms you use to help me grow my knowledge