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The world has rebooted from the covid scenario and my offline classes has also been started so This made difficult to write and maintain my blog regularly because I’m lazy so I did few changes to my blog and my style of notetaking to making look neat and organized and also understandable so this is brief introduction things I changed

Change in Theme

You may have noticed by this time there is a little change in theme from original minimal mistakes to mine mostly from placement point of you and very little from colour point of view as I don’t have much colour sense

  1. The minimal mistakes contains the TOC on right side as it is configured to write long documentations and stuff but in this personal blog I feel I don’t write long documentations with lot of page linkage and referencing so I moved the toc to left
  2. I didn’t like my information on every page so I removed it and when it comes to mobile I felt having toc in mobile is not required so toc is removed from mobile version and few colour changes

change in writing

As you may know I have been using obsidian to write this stuff and many other small stuff but I never took obsidian as seriously and felt is as casual markdown writer but when I want to write my notes daily I felt that it would be great if I had Kanban board view for each topic currently learning so that it would very helpful to me and with starting template so that it is easy to do things so I have done following things

  1. Usage of templates folder to create and use templates
  2. Usage of obsidian community extension like advance table generators and Kanban to speed up and fasten my writing
  3. Using obsidian git for continuous syncing of notes to my repo

Things required

Well most of my note taking would be off class because I don’t carry my laptop to the class to write stuff so this would become vey tedious task and some times I may feel not writing things as I was already fed up with the class so these few things I required to mange things

  1. Mobile git client
  2. Obsidian git working for mobile

These two are off present but If these two are present it would take my notetaking to other level