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In this article I will go through few of the vs code extensions I use and why I like them , to briefly introduce I am data science student so I deal with lot of jupyter notebooks and csv files along with different markdown stuff and python files and also learn few new stuff like currently learning latex to make slides and document projects and stuff so most of these extensions are seen from these perspective

1. Jupyter

this my most used extension before this I used to jupyter lab version and work on that but after this extension it is very easy to interact with notebook directly from vscode , This is one of must have have extension for people who work with jupyter notebooks

2. Rainbow csv

As I told you I work with lot of csv files for learning data science , the issue with csv is they are just comma separated values which is difficult to understand from using a simple text editor before this extensions I use excel to view my csv files to get better understanding of the csv files but this extensions made it very easy by colouring the csv using unique colours for every column so that I can understand every bit of it

3. Prettier

The one particular issue I face with python is indentation don’t get me wrong I like it but the issue with the indentation or python is 4 spaces or not equal to 1 tab so often when I copy code from web (I do a lot 😊) most often time I get indentation errors and I cannot understand it because by looks 4 spaces and tab look similar but thanks to vscode intellisence I can find error very clearly , so this extension basically format my code using pep format ,I also use it to my c program files to maintain readability of the code before my submission

4. Markdown Preview Enhanced

This is my favourite extension which makes me to write markdown files and see them not only see them but also export them using google chrome puppeteer this basically makes me understand how my files will be shown if I export it to pdf format for my submissions and stuff

5. LaTeX Workshop

This is one which I am using currently to learn latex to make more advanced PowerPoints to express my Ideas in very orderly fashion , this is a all in one extension to write things in latex one you setup this extension using their detailed documentation you can start working in latex , I like this extension very much because of it’s intelligent macros which are not available by default in Tex work (one can add if he can ) , may be a separate article would be written on latex and it’s advantages

6. Marp

This is the one I used for the past week before actually starting my latex journey this is a beautiful extension for vscode which adds slides support for markdown with very few lines you can change your reports or documentation into beautiful presentations this all make sense once you start using this

Note : I am discussing about less known extensions in this thread there were few most popular one like c++ extension library python etc..