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I need a good place to store my notes but I am profound linux user and fed up with writing notes using html and libreoffice notes format and plain text didn’t highlight things which were very useful

So my initial plan was for witting in markdown and converting to html and uploading to my github to store things but the problem with this approach is There is not interface to see all my notes at a time as github supports only static pages So I shifted to blogger to write things but the problem with blogger is it is completely online I felt it not my cake So I used flask to host my blogs and uploaded it on heroku which is very decent solution

WHY this

One day while I was randomly surfing through internet I found which basically says how to maintain a data science portfolio using github pages so I just randomly visited github pages and there i say this we can maintain our blog which are written in markdown by using gems and jekyll So I liked this Idea and started dig it deep and found the beautiful tutorial Mr raymond So by following that one I started this as

By this I got a great platform for my requirements