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the problem:

So when I thought of adding my notes to online so for my futer references I also have a idea in my mind that this would also help others if I host it as a server so I thought it would be good to do that But the problem is the web works with html as default though html is a very good scriptting language it becomes a bit more annoying when you want to make things simple like creating a tables creating a custom code highlighter So when I am introdued to git I got introduced to markdown I loved markdown so much as it is that simple and elegent

But the problem is we need something to convert the markdown files and store things so I choosed jekyll as a option

Things I like :

So a little bit of my background I am python devloper so python has robust of options to solve my problems which I will discuss later in this post but main thing I liked in jekyll and the main reason I still stayed in jekyll is github supports jekyll hosting as jekyll is a static site genretor So to host my content github is the only thing which tends me to use jekyll

Thinngs i don’t like:

My favouirte thing is also biggest disadvantage of jekyll that github runs jekyll in safe-mode so github doesn’t support custom plugins in jekyll So at one point of time I found a another good alternative to jekyll that is flask frozen which is also beautiful option if you are a typicall python devop like me

As this is static site I cannot host my comments here so I should use seperate alternative to host comments

Other alternatives:

If you’re devloper like you can have backend in your favourite language and host them in websites like heroku netlify etc..

If you’re devloper and github is your choice flask-frozen makes you’re flask web app a frozen site which you can host in any static site hoster

If you’re not a devloper jekyll is agreat option from github as it is supported by github and it is pretty much prebuild to start