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I started using my computer only after my 12 th class and that to for coding and my instrutor had adviced me that use linux for coding and development tools as it bla bla bla ,and by listening to his words I started explore a part in the world of linux but during recent I started using windows and here is my opinion on windows vs linux

Straight up saying there no winner in the vs but I am going to saw you my initial feelings and my exploration towards it

  1. Linux is better for programming :

    ​ Nope the answer is no but Linux is programmer ready but windows is also excellent for programmers but the drawback windows is out of the box it sucks for programmers but there are many beautiful projects which maintains programming windows smoother one such software I use is MSYS which I will review it soon

  2. Foss means freedom :

    ​ Okay this may be interesting thing it has many thoughts over this. personally Linux is Foss piece of software this info is very useful to me until I get in to customization (A procrastinator task) as it is open source extension just replace the code instead of writing over the code this means customization fells intact and virus free as long as we use trusted web and apps windows also doesn’t has any viruses etc ..

  3. Windows eats ram :

    ​ Technically this is right but latest windows builds actually surprised me by reducing it’s ideal ram usage less than 12% which is in comparative to Linux (gnome well it is less than kde and xfce) .so this doesn’t b reason anymore

Advantages of windows over linux

  1. Old programs in windows you can pretty old program even it is not been update in years but in linux you get few errors while installing few programs so the developer actually has to update it continuously
  2. Wide user base so may interesting apps first be made for windows than linux first

Advantages of linux over windows

  1. Kiss programs (Keep it straight and simple programs)
  2. Removal of legacy stuff and theming


There is no way we can remove on os over other and it yours personal choice which ake them intresting and You must also learn both operating systems over the course of your life