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I am done , Ok I was now in finally settled in windows 11 but why ? The answer is pretty pretty simple and straight forward ok to start of the story It all started with a purchase , One fine day I bought my bluetooth earphones (dizo wireless) the issues is it comes with HFP profile but by the time of ubuntu 20.04 there is no support this profile in this I don’t blame ubuntu for this but I blame pulse audio for this as they didn’t bring the support for additional codecs , So then I started looking for the alternatives to bring back my audio profile as it is important , then I found a excellent project pipewire which was a pretty nice on it manged my audio quite nice then I moved on to fedora just to try gnome 40 but then everything works fine I fell in love with fedora for it package management but then boom there is no support for tensorflow in fedora,as tensorflow is supported only for ubuntu as a base , then I found a docker based solution for and docker is so simple in fedora then I went on for few specific apps which are only supported for ubuntu so , This made me a little uncomfortable but then I started using fedora as daily driver but then there was this gnome 40.3 update which crashed all the extensions I used like dash-to-panel , panel-osd etc.. , But kudos to devs there was a quick response from them they changed their github repos but then the gnome-shell-extension manger didn’t push these updates as it doesn’t have different version for gnome 40.3 and gnome 40 so it made me manually build them from their source to use them,at this point of time there was my friend who actually asked me a witty question so he asked me , your started exploring linux for it’s alternatives for parts which you don’t like but why you can’t do that in windows so this made me think about windows then boom

The windows 11

All our laptop tech was boomed with the launch of windows11 and I am a kind of thrilled to test the latest windows11 as there are mixed reviews, so I made a switch to windows11 and then everything was so random and it was like I was in a random jungle but then I need to thanks microsoft documentation I started using different options and I loved this things and the windows11 does it

Things I use

  1. winget
  2. windows terminal with oh-my-posh
  3. vs code for code-editing and markdown
  4. Joplin for note-making (I kinda started using after typora became a paid one)

Things I may look into

  1. scoop
  2. msys2 (which I used in windows 10)
  3. mingnu compiler
  4. PowerToys

And this is how windows 11 became my default os , thing only thing which bugs me in windows 11 is smart-hide taskbar and windows come on it has been ages in linux but it is not in windows