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Ok by this point of time I know that you understood what I am saying and I moved on to debian SID ok, let me make a my story simple and why this among many distros so fist thing all I needed is debian based distros as most of the packages are made ubuntu in mind but I ubuntu as a distro due to there aggression towards snaps and their theming so I am searching for alternatives , I like linux mint but I am trying out all different possibilities so then I heard about sid but I never really tried to as It was hidden In the debian archive and debian calls It sid because

SID is a character in toy story who breaks all his toys

So but out of my curiosity I moved to sid damn It was such a beautiful thing well I do broke my system while installing few drivers but this distro is a real beauty It brings debian to cutting edge, Well the installation is a pain

The pain

Well there are three ways to install sid to your system the first two methods involve installing stable and testing branch of distro and move the sources to the sid repos and do dist upgrade but I am not a fan of these methods as they involve installing packages and updating them which is lot of work to do then I went to net boot option boom there is no net boot option with proprietary drivers so at the time of install it didn’t find my wifi drivers and bluetooth drivers and there is wifi so then I gone through the wiki and found two ways to do a workaround

  1. Use another usb to load the firmware during installation
  2. Use LAN cable for internet as it ethernet drivers are open source

Here I ended up with no choice as I don’t have another usb nor I have a lan cable then at a moment of time my brain strikes in and I got my friend my mobile phone into the action I connected my mobile to the laptop and started usb tethering to do the installation boom it worked like a charm I liked it and all went well and I installed everything I loved it this is how I installed debian sid

Hope this sid is not as sid as me 😉