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So As year is going to end and new year is about start all my academics is about to start and the first most task I have is to present an Independent Project in the last semester but you know me , So I have roughly a week of time to do it but I don’t have any ideas , The bad part of this kind of project’s is having a idea about what to do , because a free mind always want to change the world like creating the web 3.0 or creating a smart ai contract, or create the next google assitant etc.. but all this projects are over the head and cannot be done in 3 days so what to do

A thought

The problem with project is I cannot randomly take a project and start it there should be motive and idea behind it so during this time I was roaming around and enjoying my end sem break , I have seen my friend buying a new macbook air and he was trying out siri so then I thought of creating a assitant for my ubuntu system but as usually it is over the head project to me and my intial thoughts was to port google assitant to my ubuntu and to my suprise I did it yeah , I did it ok there is actually a clear documentation to port assitant sdk to your favourite language along with the live transcript so yeah this cannot be my ai project so then I tried to break down this project to level-1 (A kind of reverse engineering) this levle-1 goes this way

  1. A voice module
  2. A chatbot
  3. Custom commands

So here are my intials picks to this a voice module I use sr and pyttx3 and in sr I wanted use google online because it is free , a chatbot using regular expressions (may be can be moved bag of words ) and using nltk creating a custom commands to respond

fingers crossed I don’t know I would sucseed or not